Wisdom! Wisdom! Wherefore art thou, Oh Wisdom?

We often search for wisdom, and wonder where we can find it. I have heard so many people pray and pray and pray for wisdom. And yet they never seemed to get it. Maybe it’s because we don’t realise that wisdom is looking for us, and maybe not where we think we would find it.

Pro 1:20 Listen! Wisdom is calling out in the streets and marketplaces,

Pro 1:21 calling loudly at the city gates and wherever people come together:

A few weeks ago, we saw that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. So I would have expected somewhere further down this chapter, a verse that looked something like this:

Listen! Wisdom is calling out in the temple; calling loud in the sanctuary and wherever people call upon the name of the Lord.

But these are not the places where wisdom is found calling out.

She is found in the streets. The streets are places where people move around, where people go from place to place.

She is also found in the marketplaces. That means, you will find her at work, you will find her in shops, and businesses. You will find her at Amazon.com and Exclusive books.

She is found calling out in the city gates – the place where people used to sit and discuss important matters and make agreements. Today these would be civil courts, deeds offices, boardrooms. She is calling out where people come together – which does include the temple in those days, or the church today; but it also includes places on the world wide web, it includes your workplace, it includes a talk by an educational speaker or a coach.

So it is indeed true that the fear of the Lord is the beginning, or the foundation of knowledge, insight and wisdom. Everything must be measured against that origin – built upon that foundation. But often the plans that had gotten me out of some of the tightest fixes in my life were not plans I found in the Bible. They were plans I found in the writings of people like Stephen Covey and Marcus Buckingham, or plans I found discussing my options with someone at work, or with a friend in a coffee shop. And yes, I did always make sure that I continually measured my plans against the foundation, the beginning – the fear of the Lord. But the practical wisdom for day to day living, is often found outside of the spiritual, in the very practical wisdom that people around you, are making available to you.

So whatever you are facing today – begin to look around you. Chances are that someone else has faced the same. They’ve probably written it down, or recorded it, or they’d be happy to tell you about it. Find it. Read it, listen to it. It might just be the wisdom you need for the next major improvement in your life!

Blessings to you


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